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Reusable Balloon Cluster Kit with Ground Spike

Price: $90.00

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Five times the impact of our Reusable Ground Pole Kit! The use of two Cluster Arms allows this kit to hold five Reusable Balloons at once! 

  • Designed for use with any landscaped or grassy area. 
  • Kit includes one 35" tall sturdy aluminum pole, two Balloon Cluster Arms, five 30" tall fiberglass & reinforced plastic Balloon Holders, five Balloon Adapter Clips, one 27" tall steel Ground Spike and five Reusable Balloons.
  • Sturdy steel Ground Spike insures that your pole will not tip over. Conveniently use your foot or a hammer to implant the spike into the grass or dirt.
  • Unique twist notch-lock design allows these Balloon Holders to be safely and securely interchanged with our Reusable Balloon Window Holder Kit (EZ529).
  • Overall height (including a Reusable Balloon) is 8'.
  • Each balloon Cluster Arm is 11-1/2" wide and holds two Balloon Holders. These Arms can be easily added to any existing Reusable Balloon Ground Pole.


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